Pricing and Packages

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30% Summer discount


210 1 time payment + IVA
  • Professional Website Design
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Server Hosting Plan A


1 time payment + IVA
  • Professional Website design
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Server Hosting Plan A
  • 2 Social media Design


1 time payment + IVA
  • Professional Website Design
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Server Hosting Plan B
  • Google/Bing/.. Business Registration
  • 3 Social media Design
  • Online Marketing
Top sell


1 time payment + IVA
  • Professional Website design
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Server Hosting Plan B
  • Google/Bing/.. Business Registration
  • 3 Social media Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Shop


1 time payment+ IVA
  • Professional Website Design
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Server Hosting Plan C
  • Google/Bing/.. Business Registration
  • 5 Social media Design
  • Professional Online Marketing
  • Online Shop
  • 3 month FREE Maintenance
  • Content Managing

All of Plans include

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We set Google analytics On your site, you will have all information about your visitors and customers (Where are they from, What they like most on your page, Even more, specific Information) that will improve your Tactics and strategies

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SEO Friendly

We set our design from the base on SEO, we optimize your pages contents, images and all details. We help your page to get a higher rank on searching engines to increase the traffic of your site

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Custom logo Design

We design your site logo in the spirit of your Bussines concept. Your logo is the first thing that catches everyone’s attention in the first place

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Responsive Design

All of our Websites are Responsive. The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly

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Our Favorite part

Surpriseeee, Yes as we love WOW from our clients, depend on your site we will add a handy Future into your site, always there is something that you don’t know that you need but we know how to improve your site in a surprising way

Domain Registration

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We register your Domain for free On regular TLDs (.com, .es, .org, etc) with Secure Protocol (HTTPS://) as well:

  •  We register Your domain on the same  hosting server 
  •  WE will add ID Protect into your Domain Name for the safety of Domain owner Informations(You)

Business Registration On Google, Bing, ...

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We will set your Google business profile, with registration on google business you can promote your business information on Google Search and Maps, also you can connect with customers through phone calls, messaging, or responding to reviews(on google map).

It will improve the SEO and invisibility of your business.

Hosting Server Plans

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We have tried to choose the best Hosting Server  for every plan, Your can always Upgrade your hosting plan by extra fee

  • Hosting Server Plane A: Suitable for up to 10000 visits per month
  • Hosting Server Plane B: Suitable For Up to 25000 visits per month
  • Hosting Server Plane C: Suitable for up to 100000 visits per month
  • Hosting Server Plane D: Up to (32 Core(CPU) , 128GB Memory(RAM) and  1TB SSD storage)

Online Marketing

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with leveraging web-based channels we try to spread a message about a company's brand, products, or services to its potential customers. The methods and techniques used for online marketing include email marketing, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords and more

  • Note: Online marketing services only include for the first month, for Marketing services, you need to contract for Digital marketing.
  • Note: There is a fee for paid services like Google AdWords that customer need to pay(Media pay)

But don't worry at all, we are here to guide you to choose the best with most reasonable prices

Social Media Designing

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We Have Social Media Designer on our team, We will design eye-catch social media to help you have more visitors and better communication with clients, as well we will teach  you how to increase your followers, You can choose between social media above: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


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We guarantee our services But meantime you need to keep your website updated. There is a different type of maintenance that we provide, for lowering the cost we tried to classify maintenance services and let you choose between them. We also will help you to do some of them by you or your company(optional) to reduce your costs. But remember some of the maintenances are undeniable, we listed Maintenance that you would need at the bottom.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a routine process of inspecting and updating your website to industry standards, as well as company changes.

With website maintenance, for example, you ensure your site features the latest prices for your services or images of your product.

Like maintaining your vehicle, website maintenance is essential to your business.

Core Website Maintenance

When researching your website maintenance costs, you’ll want to consider these factors, which will influence how much website maintenance costs your business.There are avoidable costs like hosting server, domain name, and SSL-certification that we need to renew them annually, however when we design your site for the first year it is free, But you have to renew them after the first year

Future Price € First year with Us
Domain name 14.99 /year Free
Hosting server Plan A: 12.04 /month
Plan B: 21.74 /month
Plan C: 36.24 /month
Normal SSL certification Free with Us Free
Wildcard SSL certification 90.75 /year Free for plan Gold and Diamond
Premium EV SSL certification 471.90 /year Optional for extra fee
General Upkeep 9.99 to 99.99 /month Free for first month

♦ Price Depended On size of Website

An SSL certificate serves as a digital “passport” that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks, protecting financial and credit card transactions, signups, web access to mail, sensitive information and intranets. It authenticates and encrypts the data transferred through the website to the server.

  •  Normal Encrypt SSL: For a small size website (your site run on HTTPS)
  •  Premium Wildcard SSL: For a medium size website with a visible banner that shows your website is secure (for Domain and all subdomains). up to 10000$ warranty provided by Siteground
  • Premium EV SSL: For a large size website. With the green bar – the ultimate symbol of online trust. It gives customers the confidence to put their most sensitive data into your website – their payment details , …  An Extended Validation (EV) certificate, and only an EV certificate, will provide your customers with this famous symbol of internet security. Up to 1500000$ warranty provided by Siteground

Website Upkeep is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done consistently to keep your website healthy and secure that includes:

  • Keep CMD updated
  • Keep plugins Updated
  • Keep Security patches updated
  • Review Website for Bugs
  • 24/7 Support for site crash

Price depended on Size of your site

Website Management (Optional Futures)

When it comes to website management costs, your company’s rates depend heavily on your website. That’s why it’s helpful to break down website maintenance pricing by website type, like e-commerce, small business, or enterprise.
Depending on your business, these services won’t apply to your company.
For example, if your company operates offline, then you don’t need to worry about maintenance to your e-commerce system. Your business may also have an internal team member to handle technical issues, which can remove tech support expenses from your website maintenance costs. 

Future Price (€)
Content Providing/Managing 39.99 to 99.99 /Per page
Weekly Backup 39.99 /month
WooCommerce(online Shop) Management 99.99 to 399.99 /month
SEO Management 49.99 to 199.99 /month
General Updates 19.99 to 99.99 /month
Website Analytics Reports by Email 4.99 to 14.99 /month
Online Marketing 199.99 to 999 /package
Social Media Designing(extra) 49.99 to 199.99 /Platform
50% Offer for more than 1 platform

♦ Price Depended On size of Website

 We plan, write, edit and upload data, and imagery, then promote it via email, social media, and other marketing channels.

Content increase web traffic and brand awareness through the marketing of content online. We are responsible for creating “shareable” content, distributing content on Your Website and measuring the results of marketing activity.

A content management strategy is critical to organizational survival, as it underpins effective information management, which is vital to surviving and thriving in the digital age we’re living in now.

Here is another key benefit of content, in relation to SEO:

  • Quality Content Generates High CTR – Google considers your CTR as an important factor to rank your website – the more you get users to click on your links, the greater are your chances of getting better rankings on search engines

It is extremely important to have your website backed up regularly. The website backup means that you can have a similar copy of your content and data with you. You can keep it safe. Whatever happens to your website, the data will be available to you, and you can use it later.

Although we teach you how to manage your Shop, still some of our customers prefer to let us manage their E-commerce shop, it is up to you but as always we are here to help you to run your online shop without any stress, Our e-commerce shop management includes:

  • Changing prices
  • Changing the product´s images
  • Add/Remove products from the shop
  • Handling Promotions
  • Reporting analytics of your products
  • Help you with pricing strategies
  • and more

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. In order to do this, search engines will scan, or crawl, different websites to better understand what the site is about. And SEO is the most important part of your business.

Good SEO will help your webpage to get a higher rank on Search Engines. our service includes:

  • keyword research and planning
  • Optimize Your Site regularly
  • Plan Your Site ( changing plans over time)
  • Produce Regular Content(Optional, fulfill SEO)
  • Optimizing Content for Search engines
  • and more

Don’t forget, Our Fulfill SEO pack includes content providing/managing so it will reduce your costs

for more information about SEO please read this article

From a user perspective, general website updates keep your site looking fresh and modern, as well as secure. Even if your company, like a home improvement store, processes payments offline, it’s essential to have an online presence that conveys trust and quality.

we will keep your Website updated, we will also change some contents like Images, medias, links, etc to keep your website always fresh and secure, We update:

  • Content
  • Media
  • Navigation
  • Links
  • Forms
  • Background images
  • Colors

Note: it is not included a redesign or adding new futures

We set Analytic on all of our web site for free, but yet there are handy pieces of information that can be listed separated for our customers. If you need specific information about your products or every page views and etc this is handy. It is concerned with turning raw data into insight for making better decisions and strategies. We report your webpage’s analytics as PDF via email or Whatsup Monthly.

Analytics information includes:

  • Number of unique website visitors
  • Average time on site
  • Average bounce rate
  • Specific users for each country
  • Most traffic of your site via hour/day of the week
  • and more

With Professional Marketing services we promoting your business and products/services over the internet with our tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. include:

  • E-commerce Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising (AdWord, etc)

Note: Fee of the paid system like google AdWord or Instagram/Facebook’s promotion is not included

Professional Social Media Branding Design with dedicated Graphic design that concept provides continuity throughout all your social media pages. We set your social media strategy as well. include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Our websites include Social media design on a package but after time for sure your need to extend your social media with new design, prices is variable between platforms, feel free to contact us for quote

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Frequently ask questions

Absolutely Not!!!

All of our plans are Complete and you do not need to pay extra charges.

But remember Your Site needs maintenance for general keep-up and it is Optional, otherwise every time you have a problem with your site (like software updates) we can do it for an hourly fee(125€/hour). We strongly suggest you at least choose general Keep-up Maintenance because it is Affordable.

Example: For our basic Website: You just need to pay 359 euros!! Nothing more, it includes everything(Server, Domain,..) and if you want General Maintenance it would add 9.99 euro/month.

Note: There are some special plugins that costumers would add to their services. we will add them for free but the customer is responsible for the price of the plugin.

For the first year you do not need to pay anything.

After the first year, you need to renew your Domain name, hosting server and SSL certificate. They are parameters that you need to renew annually. That's it, you don't need to pay anything more

Our payment is annual because we need to pay for services like SSL, Domain and hosting server annually.

The client has to pay 30% at the start and the rest after delivering the Website.

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